Expo about "Nobody wants the night" (film) costume by Clara Bilbao, Museo del Traje Madrid

A temporary exhibit at the Museo del Traje (Madrid)  based on the costume wore by Josephine, the main character in the film "Nobody wants the night", directed by Isabel Coixet that opened at Berline 2015.

Josephine (Binoche) travels to the hostile icy landscape of the remote North in search of her explorer husband..... (from imdb.com storyline)


The show displays part of the garments that the actress Binoche used in the film all designed by costume designer Clara Bilbao, who has been awarded for her creations.

It is a privilege to be able to walk around the pieces and admire the patterns, the fabrics used and learn where the inspiration to create them came from.  The team at the Museo del Traje collaborated with the designer in offering expertise and the the visits to the collections of garments housed in the museum that are from the film's time.

The show is on display until February 3rd, 2016, and the closing will be celebrate with a lecture by the designer about the wardrobe shown and her work in costume design in general, (check Museo del Traje for event details)