Bujosa Textiles, reviving traditional handmade textiles from Majorca

 There is nothing more appealing to a textiles researcher than be surrounded by fabrics
and those who can tell you about the history of the making. Some time ago I was invited
to visit a textiles shop/workshop, Bujosa Textiles. in Santa Maria del Cam√≠, Majorca.

The surprise was to find out about the history of the place: a family run business
that is more than 60 years old, and now is revived by the youngest generation who
felt impelled to commit to the handmade traditional Majorcan textile manufacturing.

They are proud manufacturers of not only traditional fabric called "telas de llenguas",
 but other fabrics using cotton, linen and silks of finest quality.  

One of the most interesting thing is to be able to visit the "telares" or mills that
are many years old and are still working perfectly, they show us how the fabrics 
were produced and the real meaning of using any of the fabrics for clothing, 
upholstery, curtains or home ware.

 The noise produced by the mills, the dust in the tools, and the many colored thread
coils waiting to be used talk about time and perseverance, and waiting for the
right moment to flourish again in the middle of mass production industry turbulences.  

The quality is the important key in the business and they look for the right texture, 
the impressive colors and the long last quality, a fabric that should accompany
 you for many years and generations.  An ode to sustainability!

The origins of these fabrics may be found in the oriental world, 
as there are examples of similar fabrication like the ikats.

The most used color is the blue sourced from the natural indigo,
 but nowadays thanks to chemistry there are other ways to dye threads.

Dying is handmade which gives the artisanal and exclusive quality 
to fabrics and, so being more appreciated.