Silk textiles and costumes from Valencia (private collection, Valencia, Spain)

Valencia region has a very famous festivity, Fallas, celebrated by mid March every year,
going back in history.  And, as part of the celebration, the tradition dictates to dress in
costume that speaks about the history of dress in that region.

These are some images from a private collection of dresses, accessories and textiles of costume
from Valencia that are come much alive every year when the Fallas celebration takes place.
The history of costumes may be dated back into the XVIII century and where mostly
used by peasants, but tradition transformed them into a more elegant garment for special
 occasions. Along the years the garments suffered from influences that have altered or modify
the original patterns. But, nowadays they are a historic document of ethnological value.

Silk production in Valencia region was a very important in the textile tradition and is dated
to the VIII century, when the Arabs introduced the mulberries cultivation and later the city
was known to be the end of the silk route, the route for trade and commerce that along the
centuries expanded its  influence in Spanish and European economics.

These costumes are a testimony of a great industry that was very powerful.
In 2016 The Colegio de la Seda, that houses the Museo de la Seda,
 received the Unesco Silk Route Program Award.